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Persephone: State

© Copyright Alessandra Kelley

In shades of brown androse, a draped woman clutching a pmegranate floats in the air over the intersection of State and Randolph Streets

Persephone is the Greek god of the underworld and the dead, spring and new growth. She ruled the afterlife with her husband, Hades.

"Persephone: State" uses a Chicago location, the intersection of State Street and Randolph Street looking towards the east at the second story level. The original Marshall Field's building is in the background at right.

I imagined the queen of the dead processing up the street, no sign of life save for her and a pomegranate, no sight of the sky.

As a note, the building in the immediate background held a combination of low grade retailers, but mostly it seemed an excuse to mount that behemoth of a billboard. It was one of several buildings called by "Chicago Tribune" architecture critic Blair Kamin the ugliest in the Loop, and has since been demolished.