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Two By Two Souls Fly

© Copyright Alessandra Kelley

A green hill rises before us against an intense blue sky, a spiral trail turning and turning up it to end at a covered well at the summit.  Near the base a herd of horses flows through the grass.  Halfway up the hill a cloaked couple follow one of the turns of the path.  Nestled in the shadow of the hill to the left is a thatched farmhouse, then more rolling hills in the distance.

"Two by Two Souls Fly" is an egg tempera painting on panel.

It was commissioned as the cover for a pastoral fantasy about a farm family and its humble, homely magics through several generations.

The hill with its sevenfold spiral path and well at the crest and the herd of horses are important plot elements.

The cover of Two By Two Souls Fly, by Richard Garfinkle