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Strange Home Chicago

These paintings, some realist, some surreal verging on myth and fantasy, were inspired by favorite locations in Chicago.

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In shades of dull red, a veiled womanclutches a pomegranate in front of an old building A green river bends up beyond a bridge into a column between skyscrapers Blue shadows flit over a caryatid porch
A girl's face just visible to the lower right in front of stylized rippling green waves A maze of fire escape stairs frame a white pickup truck and an alley full of construction detritus Night shadows and lights illuminate an alley full of fire escapes and storage bins
Horses gallop in near-fog with ghostly riders past old factory buildings A fox and an animal skeleton pose amidst green reflections An animal skeleton seen head-on with blue lights and orange shadows

Inquiries may be sent to the artist at   Q word that rhymes with dairy care of this website.