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Cover Art

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two aviators aim weaponry as they fly pass dizzyingly tilted Art Deco skyscrapers a snowsuited child, back to us, stands in a bleak modern urban plaza, the middle distance dissolving into a large brick house elsewhere a green glowing UFO floats behind night-lit skyscrapers
looking up a stony slope, trees stretch up and away
a muscly, heavily-tattooed arm and hand with knobby knuckles, the wrist wrapped with chains the Earth's horizon is distorted by a lens as dozens of tiny balloon-like ships stream up from it
a man in a fedora glances at a woman in a picture hat in front of a gothic stone gate
mosaics of people morph into realistic figures from above a herd of horses trails through the grass by meandering paths

Inquiries may be sent to the artist at   Q word that rhymes with dairy care of this website.