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About the Artist

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a woman swoops just behind a black bird suspended in the air in a grey forest something which might be a mirror-reflective airship floats above a shadowed, modern-looking city a blurred child on a blurred creature rides before blurred foliage, the sky an intersection of hundreds of blue birds
a man and a woman in archaic clothing, backs to us, look to a modern night-lit city on a vast and colorful checkerboard a giant griffin gazes off
sinister doings in night reflections at the waterfront two windblown children in a hot, dry enironment look off towards the horizon
a gated grassy field dissolves into a starry nebula
disturbingly organic and spiderlike wagons sit in deep grass in front of a banded ochre sky two tiny shrouded figures walk up a path above a pond two elegant, rather sinister looking ladies in antebellum fashions lean against a railing in ambiguous darkness
the fishtail end of what might be carved wood is suspended in the air before a heat-stilled ocean and a shadowy island an astronaut's legs launch up in front of brilliantly lit, mechanical looking cathedral windows
seven angelic forms are arrayed like spokes of a wheel around a black circle, one winged figure curling into it at the center

Inquiries may be sent to the artist at   Q word that rhymes with dairy care of this website.