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Second Sights: the Art of Presence

These are thematically connected garments and paintings. Select an image to see the entire artwork.

a painting of a woman with green-tinged long dark hair blowing forward a spreading black skirt painted with copper and gold butterflies and chrysanthemums slashed leather breeches painted with caryatids and olive branches
a painting of a woman dancing on a bridge in front of a waterfall painted on fabric, ghostly hounds spiral in around a full moon above the ocean
a painting of three women's hands reaching out to each other
a painting of a pale woman looking with care out in front of a rising sea leather painted with a lamb's skull and nasturtiums
birds and butterflies painted on red satin a painting of a four-armed woman amidst some complex symbolism a painting depicting a woman looking on as a shadowy male figure spreads giant lavender and gold wings
soft cream buckskin painted with animls, plants, and arabesques
a painting of the edge of a hyperbolic fractal circle, a woman sitting within it and blue snakes without a photograph of a woman wearing a multicolored satin and taffeta buttoned corslet and dress

Inquiries may be sent to the artist at   Q word that rhymes with dairy care of this website.

These garments and paintings are part of "Second Sights: The Art of Presence", an ongoing project. "Second Sights" takes inspiration from the classical Greek gods to spur thought and expand our culture's idea of human beauty.

"Second Sights" blends panel painting, clothing design and construction, textile art and painting.