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These are links to sites I consider of interest for their quality of art, demonstration of the range of egg tempera, and/or useful advice.

General Egg Tempera Sites

The Society of Tempera Painters
The primo egg tempera information clearinghouse.

Translated from the French, a little quirkily. Charming and useful.

Egg Tempera Artists

Susan Jamison
Disturbing anatomical science illustrations of females with flora and fauna.

Cynthia Large
Constructions and carvings painted in the northern Gothic style, often involving keyboards and organ pipes.

Rob Milliken
Small rocks and lovely seashore detritus.

Koo Schadler
Renaissance-style realism and portraiture.

Phil Schirmer
Quiet, meditative, atmospheric pictures of rock walls and boats in a strong, realistic style.

Fred Wessel
Renaissance techniques in a classical/realist style.

Chicago Egg Tempera Artists

Judith Joseph
Hand-written and painted ketubot (Jewish wedding vows).

Doug Kovacs
A science fiction/fantasy illustrator

Kathleen Waterloo
Lush, beautiful abstracts, in both egg tempera and encaustic (wax).

Other Egg Tempera Teaching Sites

Every voice is different, every approach is unique. Get some other perspectives on the art of egg tempera.

How to Make Egg Tempera from Daniel Smith Fine Artists' Materials
A quick introduction from a reputable art supplies company.

Egg Tempera, or You want to Paint With What?
A discussion from a group that concentrates on fantasy art.

Daniel V. Thompson, The Practice of Tempera Painting
The classic old 1930's revival approach, now in an online text.

Art Safety and Hazards Sites

"Arts, Crafts, and Theater Safety"
A free hazards information service.

Other Art Sites of Interest

Handprint.com on labeling, pigments, lightfastness
An informative, cranky, detailed explanation of pigment labeling.

True Art Information
A clearinghouse of information for practicing artists.

Greek Orthodox Icons
A gallery of icons from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. This link is the directory of the gallery; you click on their list to bring up graphics.

New Deal Art During the Great Depression
WPA Post Office murals. Interesting Americana, includes lots of tempera examples.

Miscellaneous Interest and Nepotism

Scientific Illustration: A Guide for the Beginning Artist, by Zbigniew T. Jastrzebski
A very good textbook by one of my best teachers, now sadly deceased. He was one of nature's mean old kung fu masters. Long out of print, but copies can be found at alibris.com, which is where this link goes.

Richard Garfinkle, Science Fiction, Writings, and General Weirdness
The official site of my husband.

Rafters of Cedars: Heirloom Design for Modern Weddings
Beautiful custom-made chuppahs for weddings, handcrafted by Diana Kelley, Chicago-area textile artist (and my sister).