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Absolute Visions

© Copyright Alessandra Kelley

A diptych of a red stone gate at night, on the left looking into a park with a shadowy neoclassical building and on the horizon a lake or sea, on the right a damp alley with biohazard trash cans leading to a nightlit city with a large pale green UFO glowing beyone the silhouetted buildings.
The right half of the painting is the front cover of 'Absolute Visions: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction' edited by MacAllister Stone

This is an acrylic on panel painting commissioned for a science fiction anthology cover.

The perspective is highly artificial. The image wraps around with a view through the gate from both sides, as if by turning over the book you are passing through the gate and looking back.

It's also a bit of a nod to my love for Chicago architecture and alleys.