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Emerging Presence

© Copyright Alessandra Kelley

A painting of a  woman inthe Persephone garments striding through a cave towards greenery and ivy, the other divine garments following in her wake

Persephone is the Greek god of the underworld and the dead, spring and new growth. She and her husband, Hades, were called Chthonian, or underworld, gods and were considered of equal status with Zeus and Hera.

The Romans called her Proserpina.

This painting is a part of "Second Sights: The Art of Presence", an ongoing project.

"Second Sights" takes inspiration from the classical Greek gods to spur thought and expand our culture's ideas of human beauty and clothing.

The project blends panel painting, clothing design and construction, and textile painting. Each god addressed in the "Second Sights" project has a painting and an outfit, sometimes more than one.

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