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© Copyright Alessandra Kelley

Hands spinning threads connect to the arms of Athena holding a disc with hyperbolic geometry covered with spiderwebs, and at the center of it another Athena with multiple arms sews.

Athena is the Greek god of wisdom, craft, and intelligent warfare.

The painting uses hyperboic geometry. The spiderwebs incised in the disk Athena is both holding and sitting within vanish to infinity at the disk's edge/

This painting is a part of "Second Sights: The Art of Presence", an ongoing project.

"Second Sights" takes inspiration from the classical Greek gods to spur thought and expand our culture's ideas of human beauty and clothing.

The project blends panel painting, clothing design and construction, and textile painting. Each god addressed in the "Second Sights" project has a painting and an outfit, sometimes more than one.

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